Power, Choice, and Sustainability: Why the Galaxy Book 4 Stands Out

Power, Choice, and Sustainability: Why the Galaxy Book 4 Stands Out

Secret Galaxy Book launch back in December? The wait is over, and the Galaxy Book 4 series is finally here to supercharge your work and entertainment! While the sleek designs remain familiar, these laptops pack serious upgrades under the hood, like a car with a brand new high-performance engine.

Galaxy Book 4 Ultra: The Undisputed Champion

Imagine a 16-inch masterpiece with a stunning 3K touchscreen. Now, fuel it with a powerhouse Intel Core Ultra 7 or 9 processor and the muscle of Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050 or 4070 graphics. Meet the Galaxy Book 4 Ultra – the ultimate champion for creative pros and hardcore gamers. It boasts a whopping 16GB or 32GB of memory and a 1TB solid-state drive for all your projects and games.

Reviewers loved the seamless integration with other Galaxy devices in the 2023 version. With the upgraded processor and graphics, the 2024 model is expected to be even more impressive. The price tag reflects its top-dog status at $2,400, but for those demanding the best, it’s a worthy investment.

Galaxy Book 4 Pro: Power on a Spectrum (Budget-Friendly!)

Need a powerful laptop that won’t break the bank? The Galaxy Book 4 Pro series offers three tempting options: a 14-inch or 16-inch laptop and a versatile 16-inch convertible two-in-one (the Pro 360). All boast beautiful displays and sleek designs that rival the Ultra, but with some key differences.

Instead of multiple processor options, the Pro series relies on the mighty Intel Core Ultra 7. Don’t worry, it’s still a powerhouse for everyday tasks and some light gaming. While there are no separate graphics cards, the new integrated Arc graphics from Intel ensure smooth performance. The price tag reflects this, with the 14-inch model starting at a budget-friendly $1,450, the 16-inch at $1,750, and the Pro 360 at $1,900.

Galaxy Book 4 and 4 360: Value Leaders for Everyday Wins

Looking for an amazing laptop experience without the super-premium price tag? Samsung’s got your back with the Galaxy Book 4 and 4 360 models. These laptops swap the Intel Ultra processors for a power-efficient 14th-gen Intel Core 7 processor with integrated graphics. They still have beautiful 16:9, 1080p AMOLED displays, perfect for browsing, streaming, and conquering your to-do list.

The Galaxy Book 4 360 two-in-one is already available, starting at a very attractive $1,100. The traditional clamshell version follows suit at the end of March, with a starting price of just $900.

Sweeteners to Seal the Deal

Thinking about joining the Galaxy Book 4 bandwagon? Samsung is offering a sweet trade-in deal until April 1st. Trade in your old device on Samsung.com and score up to $800 off your new Galaxy Book 4! But wait, there’s more! No matter if you trade in a device or not, Samsung throws in a free Samsung Portable SSD T7 Shield with 2TB of storage and gives you 30% off Samsung Care Plus device protection.

Beyond the Specs: AI and Sustainability

The Galaxy Book 4 series isn’t just about power and visuals. Samsung has integrated AI features like Photo Remaster in the Samsung Gallery app for effortless photo editing, and Samsung Studio empowers seamless video editing across your Galaxy devices with automatic project syncing.

Samsung takes a stand for a greener future by incorporating recycled materials into the Galaxy Book 4 design. So, you can boost your productivity with a clear conscience.

With its impressive upgrades, various options, enticing bonus offers, and commitment to sustainability, the Galaxy Book 4 series is poised to be a game-changer. So, whether you’re a creative pro, a gaming enthusiast, or just someone who wants to get things done effectively, there’s a Galaxy Book 4 waiting to be your perfect tech match!

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